Getting Around Lahore

And winter kissed our cheeks without any prior warning. No hot apple ciders at the cafes, no shedding trees and definitely no halloween costumes at the stores. It knocked our doors with a cold shower from the heavens above and fellow Lahoris stepped out the next day with shawls wrapped tightly around their chests in long loving embraces while I stared at them, my mouth wide open. What was I amazed at? Lahore is synonymous to unpredictability. Everything here happens all of a sudden and all at once. My rickshaw driver was surprized at my shock.

“How can a caffeinated drink mark the arrival of fall/winter? Orange, red leaves? Our trees are evergreen.”

So the American in me has been on a hunt for the perfect pumpkin latte recipe since the past couple of days. I am not living through October without a pumpkin spiced latte. No, sir.  Plus I want to serve my rickshaw driver a warm latte. Caffeine only reminds him of chai and coffee and I am on a mission to broaden his horizons. I still haven’t found a recipe for the latte but I have found a new ride to work.

It was getting too cold and bumpy to be travelling on a rickshaw. In utter frustration, I decided to check out this app a friend was raving about, Savaree. Also because my  neighbors were constantly reminding me that my rickshaw driver was ripping me off. If not rickshaw, I could either take the new metro bus to work or try my luck at Savaree. I messaged the Savaree team on Facebook and within two days they matched me up with another girl who works in the same building as I. Since the past four days I have been carpooling with her. I pay my share of the transport money directly to Savaree and Savaree later pays her. Its a win-win situation for both of us. It costs me less than half of what my beloved rickshaw wallah was charging me and the ride to work isn’t too ‘bumpy’ anymore. Now I am working on trying to start proper conversations with the girl I carpool with. I’m not implying that t I wouldn’t ride a rickshaw again. I’ll call up my overly priced rickshaw driver anytime I have to go to any place other than work. Perhaps because I don’t have any other option or maybe, just maybe because the intellectual snob in me loves my rickshaw wallah’s ease with Urdu poetry. Nevertheless, the expat in me was impressed. Lahoris have an app that lets them carpool?! I had completely forgotten how simple life has become with technology when I set foot in the city in July. Savaree reminded me that its still simple and that there is hope that Lahore will catch up with the rest of the world sooner than one presumes.

How do you commute to and fro from work? Do you carpool as well? Any idea about the Lahori public transport?

Much love



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