Healthy Food Options in Lahore

(Caution: This blog post isn’t for my vegan mother as certain non-vegan grocery items are discussed below)

As I mentioned in the previous blog, Lahoris aren’t too finicky about eating healthy. Hence, no health foods store in the city. There are a few options, however, if you are trying to keep it healthy in Lahore. I’ll keep updating this blog post with my new wholesome organic discoveries!

Daali Earth Foods

I first discovered Daali while rummaging through the isles of Jalalsons in search of salt. Imagine my excitement when I  not only discovered stone ground rock salt but also found a whole range of organic spices and various varieties of flour sitting right on the shelves of Jalalsons. I didn’t know then that Daali would convert me into a breakfast person in the coming months with its Muesli. The Muesli is made organically in the beautiful Hunza valley. Its a little overpriced at Rs.415 per box and I run out of one box of the Muesli within five days. Daali Earth Foods also has whole grain pasta. Theirs is the only whole grain pasta I have ever tried and I’ll be honest, I am not a huge fan. The noodles don’t turn out to be gooey enough. I am not sure if its just Daali or all whole grain spaghetti noodles lack the smoothness and luster that conventional spaghetti noodles have. Daali Earth foods is available in Lahore at Alfateh and Jalalsons.

Ghar ki Murghi

Now I have this habit of complaining about things I am not happy with. I complain and complain and complain. As if talking my concerns out would help. It does! It did. I was going on about how there are no organic food options in Lahore at a lunch back in August when a  friend’s friend overheard me and came to rescue. She suggested I check out Ghar ki Murghi on Facebook. Before the lunch was over, I had stalked them on Facebook, noted down their numbers and were it not for the table manners my dad had tried so hard to instill in us I would have called them too.  Instead, I finished my lunch like a good girl and waited to get in the rickshaw before calling the number on their Facebook page.

Ghar ki Murghi is a small family run business. I am a regular customer now. I get my organic desi ghee, organic desi butter and homemade pickles from them. I ordered their almond sherbet once but can’t comment on it as my friends finished it before I even tried it. I heard it was exceptionally good. If ordering Ghar Ki Murghi, make sure that you call three, four days ahead of time.


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