Monday Blues

Yes, I am supposed to be working right now but its Monday! Sunday’s laziness has trudged along. I am yawning. At work. There is a deadline waiting to be met but its almost an hour past noon and I might as well just start work on the report after lunch. I ll warm up my whole wheat pasta and chug on tea bag chai! Yes, feel my misery. My office mates don’t. They don’t realize how soothing a cup of loose leaf tea is. If only they had the tea I had yesterday evening.

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Its art. Mixed chai with the right amount of sweetness and a hint of cardamom! This perfection comes from the tea stall right next to HBL in Main Market, Gulberg. If only my office could hire this tea vendor, everyone’s productivity and mood swings would be on a boost. But the HR department doesn’t listen to me. Folks at my office don’t know the value of a perfect cup of tea. Its one of the few things that I am grateful to colonialism for. Now people can be ungrateful like Eric,a dear friend back home. He shuns tea for the very reason that its a remnant of colonialism. He can’t be persuaded but I am sure if there was a way for me to trick him into drinking this very chai, he’d be a convert despite the ego and patriotism. I wish him a heart to heart session with loved ones over tea on a lazy Sunday evening.

Mind you, my Sunday wasn’t as lazy as I am projecting it to be. I went and bought ten flowering pots which should bloom by late February, early March next year. One of my neighbors transferred a few into the soil for me. Other than that my Sunday was pretty much unproductive. Well I did finally wash my five fingers and discuss my glamor shoot with Nida. We are thinking about doing it next week. Wait. Did I introduce Nida, yet? O! No. She is an important one…

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How do you like your tea? Any favorite tea stall/cafe around Lahore? Happy Monday!


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