Udon House, Lahore: A Treat to the Tastebuds

(Caution! Vegan mother and vegan readers please refrain from proceeding further)

And its Friday, finally! Finally! How patiently and intently I have been waiting for the long weekend ahead. I have things lined up: a DIY project I saw on Pinterest, a trip to the landa (Flea market of Lahore), tea time and chess with neighbors and a date at Udon House with Nida. I really need that heart to heart session with her. Too much to be unloaded off the chest and  Udon House is the perfect place to do that. At least for us.

The restaurant has four tables. You heard me right! Just four small tables! The idea, I have been told was for the customers to come, eat and leave fast but boy! Did that idea flop?! It flip flopped and finally sploshed on the floor with a big thud! A select few people make up the regular clientele and they like long lunches and exaggerated dinners(despite the small tables and chairs) that last long into almost midnight. The restaurant closes at eleven, you see.  The owners have a life too. They can’t be cooking food all night. That’s right! The owners, a Korean couple, cook their native food for you right then and there. There are no other cooks, no  hired chefs. Nobody else. Just the couple. No, actually there is one more person: the server. Now this server is someone who knows the value of a good smile in the customer service business. He is happy, smart and fast. The food he puts on your table though makes you forget everything else. The food! O! I am telling you the wait’s worth it! Trust me!

Nikkah -1-2

And that my lovelies is a bowl of seafood soup! I was too greedy to stop and take a picture when my seafood soup first arrived. Spicy Seafood Udon to be exact. Udon is the word for freshly made noodles in Korean. The rest of the name is pretty self explanatory. Squids, clams, shrimps, mussel and fish set afloat on a bed of noodles make up the yummiest of soups these taste buds have ever savored! So much goodness in one bowl! Just the right blend of spices and sauces! Nothing more, nothing less! And did I tell you about the kimchi that comes with it? The probiotic I discovered in the aisles of Whole Foods back home in the States, ends up fresh with my meal whenever I go to Udon House. Kimchi is basically cabbage fermented in a spicy Korean sauce. You can get the kimchi that came as a side dish with your meal at Udon House replaced again. And again. Don’t be shy. You can ask  the server for it just one last time! Again! Ah! Culinary genius, healthy bacteria! What more could one possibly ask from life?!

The thing I love most about Udon House is that the restaurant is one of the few places in town that serve beef based dishes, mostly. There is one chicken item on the menu and one vegetarian. Most other eateries serve dishes that mainly constitute of chicken and the healthy food advocate in me will not touch broiler chicken at any cost.

Nikkah -1 (3)

Yes! Thats chicken! Spicy Chicken Udon. And no! Thats not mine. I just told you about my vow. No, no no! There are no cheat days

Let me mention here that the meat at Udon House comes from Zenith. Zenith I have learned is the best place to get your meat from. I still haven’t tried it so won’t comment on it but Nida says its clean meat. I trust her. O! I trust her! She introduced me to Udon House. My love affair with Korean food started because of her. The squids, the bibimbap (Nida’s favorite), the bulgogi and and the bulgogi soup! How much I love this food! I feel as if I was a Korean in my previous incarnation but we have already established, Tenzin (old roommate) and I, that I was a Tibetan in my previous incarnation. Maybe I was Korean in the one before it. Maybe. You never know.

Whats your favorite eatery in Lahore? Have you been to Udon House? How was your experience?


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