Hot Chocolate in Lahore!

If there is one thing I love about winters other than the Christmas festivities, it is hot chocolate. Not that I refrain from having hot chocolate during the summer months but winters just make it kosher. Yes, I am talking extra chocolate-y hot chocolate with a dollop of coconut or regular whipped cream on top. Starbucks! I miss you. In my pursuit of hot chocolate, I ventured out to the only decent coffee place I have come across in Lahore: Mocca. Decent because they make my drinks just right. Soy hazelnut latte with extra hazelnut syrup and just half a shot of espresso. Black and white mocha with extra white chocolate and yes! you guessed it right.  Half a shot of espresso. Its simple, really. Most places here still don’t get it. The folks at Mocca do. I like Mocca for its simple Scandinavian design, great coffee (K swears by it), power outlets (Starbucks style) and a lovely rooftop. I should mention here that the aeropress coffee here is beautiful. Of course you shouldn’t take my word for it. I go for half shots of espresso. But K! Now he takes his coffee seriously. He loves his coffee black. He loves those extra shots of espressos even when they are a little diluted in Americano. He loves Mocca for the caffeine only. I would agree with him here.The food at Mocca isn’t good. Very bland. Not even worth a try. The deserts either unless its the scrumptious nutella cake. That too is overly priced. I’d say hop over to Delicatessen next door and order their banana and nutella crepe instead. The best crepe in town. But then Mocca isn’t meant for serious food to begin with. Not even sandwiches. Its a cafe and unlike the cafes in Toronto (I miss Chabichou) or anywhere else in the world, cafes in Pakistan don’t get their sandwiches right. By the way, I love sandwiches. And soup. And bread. Baguette to be exact. Le Pain’s hummus on levain with vegan organic soup. O! Take me home, back to Le Pain and Chabichou and my mom! *Sighs* Back to hot chocolate and Mocca for now. Mocca makes pretty decent hot chocolate. They just don’t brighten up the day with whipped coconut or regular cream. They don’t carry it. They serve Belgium chocolate steamed in soy or regular milk. If its a chilly Sunday afternoon and you have chanced upon Tariq Ali’s ‘Night of the Golden Butterfly’, force yourself out of bed and go to Mocca. Read away, drink away.

IMG_7636 (1)
Excuse my poor photography skills. Yes, I venture out in flip flops even in the November chill.

I will be on the look out for better hot chocolates in the city but I don’t have my hopes up in the air really. After all, K has been here his entire life and he is yet to come across a better cafe. Mocca is the best coffee shop we’ve both been to in Lahore. Try Mocca just for the coffee and the ambiance. Not for the food. How do you like your coffee? Any favorite coffee shop in Lahore?


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