Endings & Beginnings

Now don’t confuse this with the famous ‘nehr’ of Lahore. Well you just possibly can’t. But you never know. This is an old picture of me taken at Chesapeake Bay. Thought it would go with the overall looking ahead/deep (ahem) mood of this post.

Here comes a belated resolution for 2015. We are three months into the year, can we even call it a New Year’s resolution? Scratch that. Lets call it Aisha’s March Onwards resolution. So I have a March Onwards resolution and here it goes:

Resolution #1:

Keep you all updated

Resolution #2:

Move into a nice new place and set it up

Resolution #3:

Start working elsewhere

Resolution #4:

Cook & Meditate

Yes, I am moving out of my current place. They’re demolishing it because it violates some Lahore Development Authority construction lawsMy neighbors have already moved out .  I still cannot find a place that is well-suited to my demands.  Reality check: Your prospective landlords freak out the moment they find out the words single and liberal describe you.

The search is still on. O! And I am looking for a new job too. Currently, I’m working as a community manager at Markhor. As much as I love working at Markhor, I believe its time to move on. I have given my one month’s notice and will leave upon the completion of this exciting project; Markhor Journal.  Sent out my resume this weekend. Lets see what the universe has in store for me.  I know its something great.

Coming to resolution  #4, I have been eating out a lot lately. To be honest, I miss home cooked food. I have been eating the vegetarian sandwich and meat-less pasta (prepared upon request) that the Daily Deli serves at Arfa Karim for a month now. And I’m over it. Not that I don’t like their food but I miss healthy home cooked meals. Fact is I have been waiting to move into my new kitchen before getting into the cooking routine again. We have a serious rat problem in this one and I just can’t bring myself to share a kitchen with a rat. Hence, no cooking. Needless to say, I’m really really looking forward to my new kitchen.

How’s the new year been treating you? Keep me posted.





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