Lahore’s New Invention: Chocolate Naan

Sometimes I feel I am living one of those hollywood movies based in small towns where apparently everyone knows everyone and about everything that’s happening in the town. Am I comparing Lahore to a small town? No, sir. DHA alone can be marked off as a city. Lets not forget the Post-Thokar ‘societies’.  I am thinking one day Lahore would have its own five boroughs. How very neat! Except there won’t be a real ‘metro’ system even by then and to connect all the five boroughs there would be a gazillion more underpasses.

But underpasses or not, Lahore would continue to be the kid who can’t hold any secrets. Everyone would  continue to know about everything that is happening in the town. You’d have to log onto Facebook to catch the live updates and breaking news just like these days. Never mind, City42. Their flash lines usually read one liners on couples being caught on dates at different public spots.

So it was only natural that before K knocked on my door with a  surprise wrapped in a newspaper, I had already heard of the naan that is the talk of the town these days.

Rumor had it that a shop in Model Town Extension (the city is full of towns and the towns have extensions. Confusing, right? I still can’t get my head around the map) was selling a naan. It wasn’t until I had it that I realized what was so special about this particular naan.

Humbly wrapped in a newspaper, the naan bears seeds (I’d like to say sesame) on the crust. Tear off a small piece of the desi pita and your fingers would be smothered in thick Nutella. Lick it off. Bite into the piece and you’ll find out what its like when east meets west. The nutella filled naan is a beautiful invention.

Since K doesn’t believe in the miracle Steve Jobs created (thus, his phone doesn’t support a good camera) and my iPhone is missing in action,  I’m borrowing a picture of the naan from a friend for you lot:


And for those of you who still haven’t devoured the naan, hop off to ‘Maro Tandoors’ in Model Town right now and ask for their ‘Chocolate Naan’ .

Somebody please teach Madeeha from Savaree the art of  taking decent photos. 😉

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