Finally Moving

And when the rat finally decided to leave my kitchen and I alone, the universe got into action and arranged for a new place for me. Its an upper portion of a house in Model Town and though I’ll miss living in Gulberg III, I’m really looking forward to the move.

I have already set it up in my head. Nida had once thought of converting the traditional trunk to a table but never got around to doing that. Since I don’t have a lot of storage space in my new place, I am planning on adopting the idea.  A nice bronze spray paint would really make it pop out. I am thinking its going to be a great way to store away my blankets and bedsheets and display my coffee table books.

Another idea I have been planning to actualize is making my own chalkboard paint. When I first moved to Lahore, I went around asking paint stores if they carried chalk board paint. People didn’t know what chalkboard paint was. Isn’t it just plain black paint?

Six months fast and forward, I’ve a real nice recipe for chalkboard paint on my hands and am planning on painting my bathroom door and kitchen cabinets with it. Maybe I would do an entire wall? Who knows.

Then there is the whole debate on whether I should paint my dinning area Indian Yellow. Considering the room has three large windows and summer’s just around the corner, should I take the risk? Would cooler colors be better? Pondering.

Somebody zap me out of this mental chatter, please? There is a lot to be done. I haven’t even started packing! Maybe I’ll walk over to the sugarcane juice wallah on liberty roundabout and really enjoy my last day in Gulberg III. Nothing like living two minutes away from MM Alam, Main Boulevard, Kasuri Road, Main Market and Liberty!

Madeeha helping me make my current place feel more homey

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