A Prelude to “Flea Market Finds” Series

Railway Station Landa

If I could, I would have inspected this city with a magnifying glass from up above the clouds and landed on the flea markets before bumping my head and wallet in a million other places! Why yes! I got my china from the railway station landa. That hand painted buddha came from there too. And those wooden bowls? YES! Those too! The latest editions have been zebra painted curtains and a nice corkboard that reminds me of home.

And why am I letting you in on my thrifty shopping secrets? I want to hear about yours! Join me as I tour us through the flea markets of this city.

PS. Pictures coming your way! And details! Have you ever been to a flea market in Lahore?!


4 thoughts on “A Prelude to “Flea Market Finds” Series

  1. Flea markets have gone out of style here in California. The new term for a landa shop is vintage store. All the well-to-do upper middle class shops at vintage stores aka landa! I have heard that the station ‘vintage stores’ are the best in Lahore, though. Just don’t speak in an American accent there.


  2. Visited the flea market near railways reluctantly. Pleasantly surprised with the stuff they had.
    Have you visited the one where the entrance part has people selling shoes and the back has fancy crockery and statues?


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