My Lahori Flea Market Curtains!

One fine day while K waited for me to finish meditating so I could finally go unlock the door for him, my landlord approached him. Now the thing with K is that he is the nice guy, the guy who listens to everyone’s stories, the guy who would never cut you while you are talking. So you get what I am trying to get to, right? My landlord felt like he had hit the jackpot when he found K staring at my door.

Lucky man!

Unlucky ME!

By the time I had realized that I hadn’t been emptying my mind, instead eavesdropping on a kheer recipe all this while that the lady next door was yelling into her daughter’s ears, I gave up “meditating” and went to open the door.  How would I have known that my landlord had been “talking” to my friend. Trust me, you don’t want that to happen. Ever.

In he walked with a borrowed measuring tape (Guess who gave it him?) and off he went converting inches into feet and writing down measurements on my pink sticky notes.

We were going to get some curtains for my windows! NO! YES! The people renting the portion downstairs apparently weren’t so amused watching me curl up on the sofa with a novel. Maybe I should have been more entertaining?

K wasn’t in the mood to listen. He knows the culture, I don’t.  You get it! He’s the annoying friend who fixes up your life for you despite your best efforts to keep it all messy. I aint making any sense. Neither was he. We were going to go get curtains. Period!

Now curtains are an expensive investment. And where do you go to find cheap alternatives to expensive investments? The railway station landa! Flea Market, of course!

We paved our way through the bending road looking for curtains suitable for a young girl (ahem) like me. The shops seemed to be stocked with silk curtains that remind you of honeymoon suites in spooky hotels. (Don’t ask me how I know that).

Yes! Finding stuff you like in a flea market isn’t as easy. You need microscopic eyes, eyes that have filters! Am I implying my eyes can do what your eyes can’t? No, I am saying go to a flea market feeling like you are going on a scavenger hunt. Scan the shops for what matches your taste. Scan! Look! Scan some more! Viola! You have got your hands on zebra printed curtains!

Lahore Landa Flea Market
Shouldn’t have trusted K with the measurements!

And now BARGAIN! No, those curtains aren’t worth Rs. 1200. DO NOT in anyway imply that you have fallen in love with them. NO! Thou shall hold your head high and tell them you won’t pay a penny more than Rs. 700. Now walk out. Slowly. Small steps. Don’t go too far. Hear them callin’ ya? Rs. 850? No! Its time to forget all that mama taught you about keeping firm on your word and  walk back! Yes! Trace back those steps. Pronounce: Rs. 800. See! Told ya! He’s cutting that cloth out to to the measurements that your friend (who doesn’t know that curtains should touch the floor) gave him. Honey! You landed yourself a deal here. Rs. 800 for tailored-on- the-spot curtains! You got to be kidding me!

You’re Welcome!


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