A Toasty Affair with Jade Cafe

Watch out, vegan mommy! It ain’t a vegan-friendly post! 

While visiting me in NY one winter, E asked me if I could make french toast for breakfast. Sure. No rocket science there. You whisk some milk, eggs and sugar. Soak a sad little piece of bread in the mixture and throw it into the pan! VIOLA!  Now cover all that burnt taste with some maple syrup! Gourmet breakfast, eh?

Needless to say, Tenzin had to cook eggs for him and I tossed out the toasts! Never after that did I want to see, eat or cook french toast! Never!

And then one night (you saw it coming, didn’t you?), K and I stumbled out of China Town and saw the most beautiful french toast we’d ever laid our eyes upon in Jade Cafe. It was the first time we’d tried szechuan fish and we’d exhausted our tummies so we headed home without honoring the desires tingling on our tastebuds.

But we came back, honey! We came running back for breakfast the very next morning!

Jade Cafe, Lahore
All in love with Jade Cafe’s french toast!

Whoever said anything about sticking to traditional sloppy french toast?!  Look at that bread. Crisp, golden and soft! Look how it parts its lips right in the middle for those boozy shots of cream cheese. Bite into that. The world is beautiful when there is just the right amount of sweet. Who needs maple syrup when you have cream cheese?

Ever since, we’ve returned multiple times. Banoffee pie waffles aren’t something to miss out on. I would skip most omelets and order the mediterranean one. Funky feta and olives just give it that extra kick and moisture that rest of the omelets on the menu miss.

Jade Cafe isn’t a place you’d want to take your favorite novel to and read while you eat. It’s the place where you take a wandering mind on a Sunday morning. Look at those walls! Just keep looking, keep reminiscing, keep noticing….

Jade Cafe, Lahore
We eat a lot!

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