This is a personal post.

I have strung each post in this blog with personal experiences, snippets of what goes on in my life and yet I’ve never used it as a medium to voice out what hearts only tell paper.

I was drawn to the anarchy and unpredictability of Lahore and more than that I was drawn to its people who manage to stay calm in the whirlwind of restlessness that it is.

It’s only after this calm has become a part of me that I have begun to look at it with something other than admiration.


This ability to remain calm in the storm is really immunity bouncing off the wall, creating an illusion of courage and inner peace.

I didn’t come here wanting to become immune. Lahore was supposed to be a refuge, a meditative journey, a city that brings me closer to me. And yet I find myself..immune! Yun na tha maine faqat chaha tha yun ho jaye…

Perhaps, I’m mistaken.

Of course, I am!

All it has shown me has been the best in others. It has only acted as a mirror, reflecting  my own numbness back to me. How can I then blame it for the just discovered immunity?



One thought on “Whisper

  1. I feel sad for your discovery but I can relate to it. Unfortunately, after immunity, it starts injecting you with poison and in the end makes you the nemesis we all fear.
    I might sound a bit too negative but the town doesn’t offer anymore; what you might be seeking. The good news is that, although it’s knee deep in shit, you can still be a little candle in the dark night, and instead of just seeking serenity and expecting from it, you can start giving back little things and that might change the whole perspective.


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