Mad World’s Savaree to Careem!

Our first interaction…

She knocked on my door one monsoon morning asking for Lipton. I handed her my jar of loose tea and she raised her eyebrows. I felt sorry for her instantly. After all anyone in their right senses wouldn’t soak up a tea bag in boiled water, mix in a heaping spoon full of powdered milk and call it chai. That is anyone who isn’t a workaholic. Then again, who is saying workaholics are sane? (Lets hope my boss doesn’t read my blog).

In the following months, I learned that my instincts had been right for once. Tea bag, Everyday chai is a typical desi office drink and anyone accustomed to this mixture has spent too many days buried in work to differentiate it from chai.

Madeeha did indeed turn out to be a workaholic. She’d be up before the muezzins started fighting on their loudspeakers waking up the faithfuls. I know this because we lived in the same compound opposite Shapes and the light getting turned on in her room was cue for me to go sleep.

As time passed, I learned more about her. There was nothing dearer to her than Savaree.  I’d listen to her practice her pitch before investor summits. There were articles being published about her. She was being invited to conferences. She was all over the internet. She knew people who knew people who knew people. During these times, I published my first blog post about Savaree. She shared it. Job offers started pouring in for me. I was happy. She was happy. Savaree was finally making business.  She was flying high. Her life was going to become a success story. And then I saw the fall.

It was slow, painful and dragged. Dark. She shed weight, slouched into depression.

There were competitors now…

An offer came from Uber. She declined. She wanted to compete. Investors didn’t want to risk though. Madeeha was alone. The hardest part was seeing the realization dawn upon her that she had to let go.

None of us could help her. It was a journey that she had to undertake herself. And then we saw her emerge from the other end of the tunnel. The realization had dawned.

A few days ago, Careem acquired Savaree. She did what was best for her ‘baby’.

Her life is a success story!

Mad World, YDPs are proud of you!



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