I’m slow. It is only after I have analyzed a dialogue in my head a few hours later do I realize that I received a compliment. That is saying a lot for someone who sells their communication skills to prospective employers. That brings me to my first resolution of this year. Told you, I am slow. Didn’t believe me, did ya?

I’m job hunting. I’ve landed on one and have my fingers crossed. The idea is to enter the world of creativity again. There have been blocks and barriers in my head. I need to get past them. But before any of that happens, I need to be able to leave my current workplace on a good note. I’m in the process. Somebody teach me assertiveness, please?!

My second resolution is much harder. My earliest memories in the kitchen are of my dad and I making “anda hulwa” at odd hours when sugar cravings’d hit. We’d beat some eggs, throw in sugar, raisins, almonds and milk and then scramble it all out. My childhood was coated in  castor sugar and so is my adulthood (ahem).  Or lets say was until last week when N mentioned the “The Sugar Film” documentary over dinner. I’m going to be writing about my cold turkey sugar cleanse more. Yes, I have gone cold turkey. No sugar for Ms. Sugar, please!

My third resolution is to find a place near work. Another year, another house. Same conditions. Conservative city. You get the idea, right?

I sometimes forget that this is a blog and not my personal diary. Thank you for sticking around if you are still reading.

With love from this heated city of Lahore,




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