Sugar Free Journey – First Leg

I believe the ladies on the internet. Yes, these are women I’ve never met. I read about their experiences and let myself be inspired. Its a sisterhood of the holistic women up here on the internet and I trust their natural ways. So when my sisters  of the internet embraced the no-poo method couple of years ago, I vowed to go shampoo free too. A couple of years later..

I boiled water and mixed in baking soda, poured the concoction over my head and followed it with a milk or lemon rinse. The first few times, it didn’t feel very different. My hair caught onto the routine. No adjustment period. No grease. I was chemical free. One less plastic bottle in my bathroom. Life was beautiful. And then one day I saw the roughness, split ends eating up the tips of my hair. I hadn’t used oil for the longest out of fear of not being able to rinse it out with baking soda. My hair was a horror story unfolding in front of my eyes. I was screaming.

Finally I gave in and took out my holy grail Loccitane shampoo. For a few days I couldn’t look myself in the mirror. I had given up on something the sisters were practicing. I was embarrassed. But then I got caught up with another idea of theirs – sugar free meals. Only this idea was being vouched by a friend too. And so I quit sugar.

Sugar! My drug! My addiction. My beloved. We broke up. It has been three weeks now. My head is a little dizzy some days, a little achy too. In the first week of the experiment, I found myself lusting after Fanta (yes, Fanta), eyeing Cosa Nostra’s ice cream with a renewed reverence and binge eating tamarind. The sourness would somehow cancel out the need for the sweet. I watched “That Sugar Film” every day. Life became tough.

Three weeks later its not any easier. I feel spaced out now and then. Guilt feeds off me right after I eat bread. I have had to not only bid adieu to pastries, ice creams and sodas, I have also had to adjust my tastebuds to a life without ketchup. Who lives without ketchup! I do now!

While I haven’t noticed any pounds shedding off my abdomen or my skin clearing up, I have certainly stopped craving sugar after lunch and in the middle of the night. I no longer feel the need to rush to Kitchen Cuisine for a pastry or devour one chocolate after another. Instead, I eat water melon. Lots of it. And yes fruit sellers in this city rip you off. Next time you go to a fruit stall take a friend who speaks Punjabi with you. It helps with the bargain!


Presenting Al-Haraam …S’more donut from Jelly Modern Doughnuts!




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