Skin Specialists – Lahore

Judge me all you want, I rickshaw-ed all the way to Sir Ganga Ram Hospital rather than Uber-ing to a hotshot doctor’s private clinic to get a contagious skin wart removed from  my chin. My chin!  I’m vain like that. If the procedure had gone wrong, I would have been left with a scar. That scar would have then found itself in all my pictures and my future children would have wondered how I got it. But I take risks. There will always be Photoshop and a stash of cool stories to tell the future offspring. And also because I trust the ladies on the internet to come up with a DIY recipe for lightening scars if there isn’t one already. Confused? Let me take it from the top.

There it is! That tiny little wart that could have led to wart invasion on face. PS. Zoomed pictures are scary.

Once upon a time a little tiny flower like wart found itself on my chin. The internet warned of  a buddy wart  growing next to it. It could spread to my hands, neck, feet. Wart invasion. I started sleeping in awkward positions to keep it from touching my pillow case. Someone advised tying a single strand of hair from a horse’s tail around the wart and waiting for it to come off on its own. I chickened out at the idea of cutting hair off a horse’s tail. What if it got offended?

I didn’t want to risk offending a horse so I consulted dermatologists. They decided they were going to laser away the wart and charge anywhere between Rs. 5000-7000 for removing it. Living independently comes with a cost. Literally. I couldn’t spend that much on a wart. I looked for DIY remedies. But the internet just ended up scaring me.

I woke up early one day and went to a government hospital, Sir Ganga Ram Hospital. You would know how crowded government organizations are if you had stood in a line at DMV for six hours on a Saturday afternoon. No, you can’t get appointments scheduled for your first consultation at Sir Ganga Ram Hospital. And yes, my jaws dropped when the receptionist asked me to donate whatever I wanted to instead of charging me Rs.5000-7000. I dropped twenty rupees in the box. It was the end of the month. You know how it is…

I was the first person to be seen. The dermatologist at Sir Ganga Ram Hospital told me that the wart would be removed in two sittings. She would burn it off.  The procedure is called fulguration. I was given a date and time and I left. On my next visit, I forgot all about my DMV incident and got to the skin ward right on time. Needless to say I waited for three hours before my turn came, drenched in sweat. Mind you, don’t walk into a government hospital thinking you’d get any protocol. Those receptionists in there leave kindness at the gates when they enter their work place. But this time, I donated a bit more generously. I’d prefer that to dishing out the same amount at a private clinic any day.

No, I won’t judge you for going to a private clinic and being seated by an elegant English speaking receptionist in a waiting area with polished floors and nice coffee table books. But I’ll tell you this, it has been two months now and there is no scar on my chin. Friends who had warned me about un-sterilized equipment at government hospitals think I got lucky. Maybe I did. Who knows…


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