Aunt Flo & The Angry Girl

You know the feeling that someone is hammering you down there, under? The feeling that you and I try to cloak with painkillers and the shopkeeper with brown paper bags? Well our friends over at Angry Girl are here to rant, complain and start an open conversation about it! And today I’m talking to them about talking about it. Confused? Read on.

NewGirl: Period talk! When did you decide to take the brown bag off it and start talking about Aunt Flo out loud?

Angry Girl: When the team realized that the only hygiene essentials that are not being sold online in Pakistan are sanitary napkins, we knew we had to be okay with talking about menstruation openly as a society,  something had to be done. And so Angry Girl came to life to start a conversation, change a perception.

The pads in a brown bag is such a desi thing that only a fellow desi angry girl would know about it.

NewGirl: Talking about perceptions, is the Angry Girl only angry about menstruation?

Angry Girl: One step at a time. Angry Girl is angry about period non-versations today. Tomorrow she might pick up another topic. But until she makes sure her voice is heard on one platform, she cannot jump to another. We cannot let an issue be lost amidst the clutter of others, especially when it means so much.

NewGirl: Will the issues only be women-related?

Angry Girl: The thing is, we never considered what Angry Girl was talking about to be a ‘woman-related’ issue. It is a community issue. From the conversations we initiate, we don’t want them to be considered girl-to-girl, but rather person-to-person.  So yes, Angry Girl will speak about issues and they will be community related.

NewGirl: I’m curious as to how people are taking this. How has the response been like so far?

Angry Girl: We have gotten great feedback from people we were least expecting it from. Our inbox has been flooded with period confessions but there is still some hesitation. People want their identities hidden. What has shocked us though is that people we considered enlightened enough weren’t willing to talk about menstruation openly or even okay with a conversation being started around the topic. But hey! That is precisely why we are here.

The tone of the content is light and relate-able

NewGirl: I love how casual the tone of the whole dialogue is! Who is behind the design, the idea and its conception?

Angry Girl: We’re two guys and a girl. The design came about as a result of research where we came up with color swatches and reference images. We already had the name by then and all we needed to do was put a face to it. We wanted the Angry Girl to talk like her counterparts. She needed to talk local to be heard and understood by locals.

And when we finally wrapped up our conversation and I asked them if they had any additional comments. Here’s what they had to say:

Join the conversation, period.


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