Make it a Date!

You! Yes, you! You ought to be on a date with yourself right now.

Think back…

How many times have you treated yourself and only you alone to a nice meal at a good eatery, devoured every bite, jumped into the umami and bounced back into random thoughts, treasured memories and maybe (just for a little time) the realm of Instagram or Twitter? Mind you, I don’t consider Facebook and Snapchat sacred enough to pierce into the me-time bubble. But seriously, how many times?


It is about time, you plop yourself on a bar stool or sit cross legged with a book and lose you to you. It is important, well deserved and much needed. We are constantly texting, snapping, talking. Give yourself a break, take out time for you and enjoy your own company. It’s a meditation of sorts. It is life changing.

All I am trying to say is you ought to disconnect to connect. Confused? Here’s where you want to roll on your first date with yourself in years:

Model Town Park

new girl in lahore - toms, parks
Disclaimer: This is not an advertisement for TOMS. I just can’t have my shoes on when I have the chance to experience grass barefoot. No can do.


I am going to say it out loud, confess. My idea of romance includes long walks restricted to the side of Race Course Park that borders G.O.R. If you’re a Lahori, you’ll be judging me at my choice of a date spot but this is not a date with your significant other, it is one with yourself. Go on over to Model Town park. Take a journal, a coloring book or just your thoughts. Stretch them legs. Maybe vent out on a sheet of lined paper, or write a letter to yourself?  Let lose the inner you.

Pro tip: Go in the afternoon. No one will notice you. All the men will be too engrossed in their burqa clad dates to oogle. Yes, ’tis true. There’s a reason I chose Model Town Park over Race Course for this one.

Mocca – Mall One

Welcome to the cafe with ah-mazing coffee, bland food, gazillion charging outlets and pretentious people pretending to work on their MacBooks. Up on the rooftop, past dinner time amidst the smoke and the shop talk is where you might want to find yourself on a weeknight for the place never discriminates. It is the only place in the city where sitting alone is actually the norm. It is cool. It is expected. It is appreciated. You won’t feel like the odd one out. Just don’t order anything other than drinks. Take my word for it, pretty please.

Rina’s Kitchenette – Gulberg

food in lahore, buttermilk, fried chicken, fries, cafes in lahore
Trust me to take bad photos of great meals because I have no patience for angles and forms when I can be eating what lays in front of me.

I have talked about Rina’s before too but it is both super close to the heart and home. Confession: I am mildly obsessed with this place, head over heels in love with their smash burger and equally crazy about their buttermilk fried chicken sandwich. I mean I suggest you go here to establish a relationship with food and just you. Pure bliss. What else does one need in life? Okay maybe a few texts from your favorite person while you dig deeper into your slice of nutella caramel cake. But just that. The waiters are extra ordinarily nice and the best part is the communal table. I just love it. Things to try: Everything. Okay, maybe not steak and eggs. The American in me gets offended by the portion size of the steak, every time.

Jade/China Town – Kasuri Road

There was a time when K and I were gaga over China Town. We had approved of one another over a serving of beef chilli dry. The twinkle in his eyes at the sight of a cream cheese filled french toast still amuses me but that’s for another day. China Town’s house special soup and beef chilli dry are great for a proper date with yourself. Put on a red lipstick, sit on their comfy chairs with your legs crossed and think about random things like how yogurt came into being. Soon you’ll be devouring fish crackers and peanuts. Later, you’d be so lost in the food, you won’t realize you are alone. Stagger out with a full belly to Jade and ask for their kickass Masala chai. You’re welcome.

Araamish Spa – Gulberg

spa in lahore, gulberg

Yes, I know it’s getting expensive by the day but it is still my favorite place around town to be on Saturday mornings. Think of it as prepping for the week ahead. Get yourself a manicure or a massage. Loosen those knots. Let go. I sometimes go just for the complimentary tea and organic eating options and take a book along. Ps. Check out their trainee packages. They are just as good and fit right in the budget too.



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