The Girl

Dear Reader,

This blog started out a few months after I made an impulsive move from Toronto to Lahore. After four years of hopping from one city to another in North America, I chose Lahore to squat on for a while. Who knew I would be settling here for good?!

Lahore now equates love, life and home for the wanderer in me. ย It is here in this city of limitations that my soul feels liberated the most.

Join me as I walk us through this city in an attempt at becoming one with it.

With Love from Lahore,



11 thoughts on “The Girl

  1. Wow,
    Known lahore all my life.
    Born here, raised here, and wish to rest here forever, but have never read about my dearest city this way.
    Your (somewhat alien) perspective about everything is facinating to read, though dont agree to everything you write.
    Started with your take on landa(thrift) bazar but got hooked to your blog.
    The deodorant thing, the chanel no 5. The town and extension thingy, its really fun to read.

    Keep writing about the city.

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  2. I stumbled on your twitter after seeing you in my notifications, and one thing led to another and here I am. Welcome to my city, and hope your love affair with it only strengthens Great job!

    Liked by 1 person

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